First compressor engine has left the ship!!

Our third week of the engine room clearance started in glorious sunshine. The first four cylinder Gardener engine had been removed from down below at the end of last week but had spent the bank holiday weekend on deck. So today started with it being carefully lowered and transport to the sail lofts. Amongst all the continued removal of pipework the cast iron base that had supported the large engine was unbolted and carefully slid across the floor and then winch up on the deck. 

Enjoy some pictures from the day…

End of week one…

End of the first week and the four generators, associated switch control gear and a lot of the pipe work has been cleared. A fantastic start!
The second week will commence on the 22nd August so we will keep you posted of progress when Frank Hall & Sons return. 

Fourth Generator removed…

Day 4 – last of the generators has now gone. Only casualty was our internet connection, which was quickly restored. 

There is some sadness to see this change but also excitement about all that is to come. 

Amazing progress and what a great feeling of space already!