Gone, almost gone and going…

Air receiver one has left, air receiver two’s base remains and air receiver three is half gone. It’s been a massive task; each receiver weighs two tons and is one inch thick metal plating! 

All should have left by the Christmas break

Whaleback Preparation

With the engine clearance coming to an end preparations are underway at Frank Hall & Son yard for the construction of the whaleback on the bow of Trinity. 

These curved beam will form the roof structure. 

On to Air Receiver no. 2

With the first air receiver cut down to size it is on to the second one. 

These cylinders are about ten foot high, six foot in diameter and made from one inch thick metal. Each one weighs at least one ton. No small task!

Frank Hall &Son Return

Now our groups have stopped for the season it is great to welcome Frank Hall & Son back until February time. 

This week the cutting of the air receivers has started. Once they are removed, it will be on to the removal of the windlass and then the constructing of the whaleback store on the bow. 

We should be able to show you progress each week as the transformation continues.