Whaleback Begins…

The Whaleback, a new covered storage area on the foredeck, is soon to be built. 

The scaffolders arrived this week to build the structure needed to do the construction work. It will be completely covered so that they can work in all weathers. 

Construction is due to finish in March.  

Introducing the Windlass!

This 12 ton lump of metal used to pull in and let out the anchor chain when on station and is now next to be cleared. 

The plan is to break the top parts down into smaller sections, although the base is likely to stay in one piece. 

A crane is scheduled to come in on the 30th Jan to lift the pieces off. 

Here’s the progress at the end of the first couple days. 

Engine Room Cleared…

The New Year started with a couple more days clearance work in the engine room and now the air receivers have gone completely. 

So the space has been cleared and now we have a few task to do to conclude the work in this area. Sea cocks will be welded up, bilge cleaned and then the area will be painted. 

Now for the clearance on the foredeck…