Whaleback taking shape…

Since the scaffolding came down lots has been going on to finish the outside of the whaleback and make it weatherproof. 

Clive has been constructing what will be the new cleaning cupboard and the ladder and hatch to access the roof area. 

Meanwhile Ollie has been constructing a new strong point to allow for a bollard to be fitted to allow the mooring arrangement of Trinity to be adjusted. 

Mike has been priming everything ready for further coats of paint. Back at the yard the doors and hatches are being made and should be fitted soon. 

Inside, the area is almost completely clear. Once cleared the new racking & electrics will be fitted before it is insulated with spray foam, painted and then used!

This is how the whaleback is looking at the moment. 

The Big Reveal…

After two months of construction the scaffolding has been dismantled to reveal the whaleback kit store. Not only does it look good, but the space inside is amazing. 

The work continues with the finishing of the exterior work before moving onto the fitting out of the internal space. Our aim is to have it all operational for the middle of May.