Upper Saloon structure is taking shape

Deckhouse Beams (3).jpg

Measuring for the new sole plate before the deck is exposed.

Deckhouse Beams (1).jpg

The first roof beam can now be seen.

Deckhouse beams.jpg

First few roof beams are now being fitted.

With the Lookout nearing completion, our team from Frank Hall & Son are now starting the larger room on the boat deck that we are calling the Upper Saloon.

Things are moving fast as  the season approaches!

Forward cabin ventilation system being re-instated

FWD Ventilation (3).jpg

Ten new custom made ventilators for our ten forward cabins

FWD Ventilation (4)

Clive fitting the first ventilator

FWD Ventilation (2).jpg

Duct work & cabling being installed

After taking the old forward ventilation system out of service during phase 1, we’re instating a new, but similar system to maintain comfort in our guest accommodation. With one pipe required for every cabin, 10 holes are to be drilled in the Foredeck & Whaleback with pipes to be run through the cabin ceilings. Our contractors are making great progress and we look forward to blessing our guests with quiet, efficient, ventilated cabins for the start of the season.

New staircase fitted!

Stairs (3)

Final fitting before galvanising

The scaffolders came to remove the temporary staircase so that Frank Halls & Sons could bring our brand new custom made staircase onboard for lining up.

A perfect fit, so now it’s off to the galvanisers for the weekend before returning to be installed next week. The exterior is taking shape and we can’t wait to start using it!