Goodbye engine room hatch!

Goodbye Engine room hatch!.jpg

Most days another part of the old boat deck is making it’s way off the ship and down the path. We’ve now said goodbye to the old engine room hatch as the boat deck clearance continues and the new Upper Saloon structure forms around it.

Don’t worry though, all the port holes will be coming back and featuring on Trinity.

Lookout seating being built


Carpenters in Lookout.jpg

Frank Hall & Sons team of carpenters have been working on the new extended seating for the Lookout.

Once the wooden structure is built on top of the steel frame, the measurements will be sent off for new upholstery. We’re looking forward to using the space in the next few weeks.

Work continues on the Upper Saloon

Our contractors are hard at work, almost all of the beams are now up and the deck is clearer every time we see it.

A shape is starting to surface behind the wooden panels and we’re so excited to see it progress.

Boat deck clearance & upper saloon forming (1)Boat deck clearance & upper saloon forming (2)air-cutting-2.jpg

A few images to give you an idea of what is happening behind the boards on the top deck.

The sole plate is now fully welded. The majority of the structure is in place, less the pad around the last derek. Next will be the plating…

Trinity’s profile is changing…


Work is progressing on the Upper Saloon structure, aft the light tower. Frank Hall & Sons have built a superstructure around their work space to protect them from the elements, similar to the one that was around the Lookout.

As you can see, the new Lookout has been revealed! Can you see the changes?!

We think that it looks great and can’t wait to use it to serve our groups this season.

Upper Saloon roof beams are going up!


The Upper Saloon roof is taking shape with the first few beams being welded in place; our contractors are making light work of building the new structure. It’s so exciting to see it all taking shape and thinking about all that this new space is going to offer our groups!