Lookout seating


Frank Hall & Sons carpenters have been whittling away on the Lookout amidst all of the welding and metal work. This week we’ve seen the brand new custom seating appear, along with a corner cupboard and lots of other details.

Meanwhile Andrew Challis, an expert volunteer, has started to scheme up the AV plan.

Today, our upholsterer has been in to measure up for new cushions, we’ve chosen the fabric and looking forward to using this new room. Exciting times!

Upper Saloon roofing continues


With the weather warming, the sheet metal roof is quickly being lifted on top of the steel super structure and tack welded in place. This new large meeting room is taking shape, portholes are being measured and windows templated; the deck is clearing and we’re daydreaming about all of the wonderful things that this space is going to offer us.

More ballast for Trinity


This week another two tonnes of chain, kindly donated to us by Trinity House, was laid in the forepeak of Trinity to help level her trim.

The picture shows a pile of short length of chain ready to go down to their final position in the fore peak.

We expect to move another six tonnes to the bow in the next few weeks.

Roof plates are going up!

Frank Hall & Sons have been busy tack welding the metal roof sheets onto the now complete superstructure. They’ll tack them all in place before finishing the welding, and then the Upper Saloon will have a roof!

The space is taking shape, it’s going to be an amazing room, and we can wait to start using it!