Final boat deck clearance

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While the phase 3 planning goes on, Frank Hall & Sons team are working hard on the upper deck. We thought you’d like to see a few pictures from this week. The last davitt has now been removed to allow for the last section of the Upper Saloon to be built, before that happened the steel in preparation for phase 3 was lowered into the engine room. Next week our specialist glazers are coming to template for the windows.

The Upper Saloon is coming along in leaps and bounds, as is our excitement for getting in and using the space for our guests!

Roll on phase 3!

Meeting to discuss phase3.jpg

With Phase 2 now fully funded we are looking ahead to Phase 3. The hope is that we can secure the funding to start this work in November 2018 – the reality is that we have to raise about half the funds by the end of September (£175k) and get all the preparation and planning completed. It’s a daunting prospect but we continue to feel that it’s the right thing to develop the centre for the future – it’s going to be amazing!

Phase 3 involves structural alteration to the engine room including a new floor, installation of a new heating & hot water system, demolishing the existing toilets and showers, fitting out new toilets & showers in the engine room space and installing the helical staircase that will link three deck levels of Trinity. Our budget is £350,000 and we have already committed to spending £32,000 in design costs and preparation costs.
This week we had our first gift for this phase of £1,000 – so we are off!

If you have ideas or thoughts to enable this transformation of Trinity, do get in touch.

New cooker in place and in use!

As the lookout nears completion, the team from Frank Hall & Son continue their work on the upper saloon and the time has come to remove the gas system. At the end of April a new induction cooker arrived at 7.30am. By 9am, it was dismantled into bits in order to fit it into Trinity. As soon as the visiting school had departed at 10am, the new cooker was transported down to the ship, where the old cooker was decommissioned and then dismantled for removal. After several hours of extracting all the parts of the old cooker, the new cooker could be assembled in its place. The next day it was serving our guests!
We are grateful to the Hobson Charity who funded the cooker and a generous gift to enable us to buy a new set of pans.  We had not initially decided to replace the cooker in Phase 2 but when a trust offered to fund it we seized the opportunity, we are blessed!