Phase 3 well underway!

Frank Hall & Son have returned and are in full swing. In just over a week they have put the structural supports in for the new floor in the engine room. The floor should almost be complete this week ready for the structural work under the old toilet and showers.

Upper saloon lining begins

This week our lining out contractor, Stroods, have arrived to completed the lining out of the upper saloon. Things are quickly progressing as you can see – both men cutting simultaneously. Two weeks have been booked to complete the work.

Light tower renovated, glazed and looking great!

Glazed Lightower

The glazing is now complete following the tower’s refurbishment earlier this year.

Standing in the new space feels amazing, providing stunning views and shelter from the elements.

We’re starting to get a sense of what it will be like once the new helical staircase is complete and we’re more excited about it than ever!

First engine room floor beam in place

First new engine room floor beam in

After tweaking the drawings and measuring everything ten times, the level has been set for the new floor in the engine room. This will enable us to quickly get in all the floor beams next week that will eventually support four new en-suite cabins and the new toilet and shower area.