Upper Saloon portholes…

Back upstairs in the upper saloon the lining out is nearing completion.

The last job is to fit out the port hole window boxes. Seb is doing a great job and they are going to look amazing.

Then it is on to electrics, woodwork, AV install, underfloor heating, carpets and cushions!!

Here there are almost completed!

One deck almost done…

Here you can see the view from the bottom of the engine room as the space for new staircase is created. The cut through on the first deck is almost done… a short pause while we await more oxygen to be delivered!

Above you can see the deck head under the light tower. That will be opened up next!

Upper Ring Beam installed…

With the old toilets and showers gone the final ring beam under the light tower has been installed – the new structural work is almost complete. Frank Halls and Sons have done a great job in just four weeks.

As you can see, the floor sections are being cut out (both the deck under the light tower and the main deck).

As soon as the hole is cut it will be lined with rolled steel. Then we will open up a three metre section of the side deck to create the new route to the new staircase.

It’s starting to take shape!

After 29 years good service…

… it was time to leave the ship forever.

The two old oil boilers that is, not Neil Jennings, our architect!!

These two oil boilers have done an amazing job but today was their last day of service.

Our temporary gas boiler has taken over for a bit before the ground source heat pump goes live, hopefully next month.

First Cut Through…

With the structural ring beam completed under the floor, it was time to cut through the first deck in preparation for the new helical staircase.

Frank Halls & Son carefully cut a first section out. More sections will be removed tomorrow to slowly reveal the new aperture.

Below, Andrew and Clive celebrate the moment…