Old stairs to forward accommodation are gone!

Old Fwd staircase removed.jpg

With the installation of the new helical staircase, the old stairs that led from the main deck down to forward cabins are now being removed to make space for other services.

The access to forward cabins is now down the helical staircase, through a new corridor and past the new toilets and showers.

The new staircase is changing access routes within the ship and we think that it’s great!

Staircase arrives onboard

The new helical staircase has been fabricated off site, at Frank Halls & Son’s workshop, and then transported in sections to Tollesbury.

Due to the size of it (and our entryways onboard!) it came in through the port side doors – an alternative route to our main entryway, and was ‘corkscrewed’ in through the opening in the side deck and into place.

As you can see, with great teamwork and precision – the helical staircase has now been fitted in place at the heart of Trinity.

The new access route will change the way that we move around onboard from different areas and we’re so excited that this huge aspect of this phase of the project is nearing completion.