Newest additions to the team!

We’ve had a resident pigeon nesting in the light tower and noticed a couple of weeks ago that she was sitting on some eggs – this week they’ve hatched!

We’re surprised of her choice of location considering all of the works that have been going on around her but are happy to host the new little family until they’re ready to fledge. We’ve put some protection around the nest and will try to keep the noise down… though they seem very happy and we think they must like it!

Upper saloon doorway cut

It’s all about windows and doorways this week. Frank Hall & Sons have now cut the hole for the door that will connect the upper saloon to the helical staircase. The helical staircase will, we hope, be installed this winter if we can raise the required funds.

First stage of window fit

This week the new windows for the upper saloon were fitted! Ten double glazed toughened glass panels arrived and were quickly set in place and they look fantastic. The preparation work is continuing for the light tower glazing that will look amazing. Once the scaffolding is down the tower will be templated so that the glass can be ordered.

Upper saloon – the inside is taking shape…

Pano of Upper Saloon

A new suspended floor is being installed that allows for services & ventilation to be connected underneath. The portholes are going in this week, with the larger windows being glazed in a few weeks time. Next will be the doors and then it will be water tight.

It’s a huge space that we will be able to enjoy with some amazing views. Our aim is to have it in service by the start of next season.

Light tower renovation begins

The light tower has been scaffolded to allow for its renovations and re-panting. Areas are being repaired, redundant fittings removed and glazing bars fitted; before a new coat of paint is applied.

The light tower is the reason the ship was built and is the central feature of the new design – it’s going to look amazing!

Starboard anchor chain in place and holding firm

Following the new anchor plate being welded onto the starboard side of the ship earlier in the month, Frank Halls & Son set to work transporting 50 metres of chain down to the Lightvessel to lay on the marsh and fix to the anchor. The anchor is holding Trinity steady and she’s sitting better in her berth following the extra windage added by phase 2.