We’re back open for 2019!

Trinity - Side Profile Feb 2019 - letterbox.jpgWith phase 3 of our Trinity3 refurbishment project drawing to a close and the season starting, we welcomed our first group onboard last weekend and it was so exciting to see Trinity back in use with guests onboard with new facilities and spaces.

In March we welcome our first school group of the year and from then the groups are back to back until November, and we’re doing what we do best – hosting groups and providing the spirit of adventure.

There’s still a few little snagging things to finish over the coming weeks, but we’re up and running and raring to go and we look forward to welcoming you onboard!

We’re open!

After four months of hard work onboard Trinity we’re ready to welcome our first group of 2019! We’ve had an amazing team of contractors who have worked hard to make phase 3 of this project a success.

A huge thank you to all of the contractors and firms who have made this possible;

Frank Hall & Son Ltd
Henry Martin & Sons Ltd
H & R Strood Contracts Ltd
Palmer Electrical

Later on today we will welcome our first group of this season and we can’t wait for them to see and enjoy the ship. There’s still a few little snagging things to finish over the coming weeks, but we’re up and running and raring to go – we’re open for our 2019 season!

Toilet and shower fittings

With this phase of the project drawing to a close it’s time to get the fittings and fixtures in place and ready for use for our groups this season.

The first image shows one of our contractors working on the back panel of the new (and much bigger) reception WC. The whole panel has been made to measure, a perfect fit for the space. Once the panel is finished, it’ll be time to fit the new floating toilet!

The second image shows two of our plumbers working hard fitting the new shower elements inside one of the brand new cubicles.

Seeing the new spaces taking shape is so exciting – we can’t wait to bless our groups this year with the incredible new services and facilities onboard!

Old spaces made good

Following the removal of the old staircase to forward accommodation, our  contractors have been making good where it used to be. Next year, during phase four of the project, this space will be re-purposed as the new disabled cabin area.

The first image shows Dave working on the inner wall and the second shows Pawel working on the outer structure removing the casing that used to house the staircase.